Erdem Murat

Computer Science Master’s Student at George Mason University.
Member of the DCXR Group @ GMU

My current goal is to finish my master’s program, network, and finish & publish my two research projects. I hope to pursue work in the Virtual Reality field following my graduation which is scheduled to be by May 2023.

Feel free to contact! emurat@gmu.edu


Welcome to my website! Here you will find information regarding my recent work and skills.

If you are in the field of Computer Science and are interested in connecting, please email me or connect with me on LinkedIn!

Recent Projects

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

  • Virtual Reality Game I made on my own.
  • Immersive and addictive game to push you to the edge of your seat!

Test The Heights

  • Virtual Reality Game I created with PhD student Liuchuan Yu at GMU.
  • Scary and thrilling game to pick up and have a laugh with friends!

Mozilla Hubs Virtual Education

•     In a group of two, used open-source Mozilla Hubs to build a server-client system with modifications to record live user data using a POST API, to later analyze user experiences using Jupyter Notebook.

•     Developed tools to enhance virtual education experience for both instructors and students to potentially compete with Zoom for remote education (i.e., breakout rooms, private augmented speaker notes, etc.).

•     Gave a virtual-reality lecture to 23 Master’s students and later assisted a well-established researcher to use my platform for a speech to 35 students.


George Mason University: Fairfax, Virginia                                                      
Computer Science B.S
August 2018 – December 2021           

  • Dean’s List Spring 2020, Summer 2021, Fall 2021                                                                             

Computer Science M.S
January 2022 – May 2023 (Expected)

  • Member of the Design Computing and eXtended Reality (DCXR) research group.
    • At DCXR, I engage in research, weekly seminars and academic discussions with Professors and other Master’s and PhD students.
  • Leading member and Secretary of the Computer Science Graduate Students Association (CSGSA).

Volunteering (Field Related)

Global Co Lab

July 2022 – Present

• Responsible for building and maintaining virtual reality Hubs for Global Co Lab to host conferences and present field work that address social issues in a virtual setting.

• Instructor and mentor for members who will be participating in the UN Sustainability Development Goals Metaverse Competition where contestants will present their own address to sustainability goals in a virtual reality platform.

Cyber Bytes Foundation – Building in VR Camp

June 2022
•     Created a 5-day schedule with 7 hours of teaching material each day to teach virtual reality development to a classroom of 20 students.

•     Devised my course-structure to get involvement from all students by organizing content to be academically stimulating, immersive, interactive, and hands-on.

•     Worked with a team of teaching-assistants to effectively teach my class and keep a high-focus on the material.

•     Integrated advice from the Mozilla Hubs team to further improve quality of teaching materials on Mozilla Hubs.

•     Used my knowledge gained in university lectures, scholarly research, and academic conferences to create content that comes from the field of VR and is highly educational, comprehensive, and unique.


May 2022                                  
•     Volunteered as a panel speaker to share my academic experiences with high-school students that are mainly prospective engineering students.

Frequently Used Skills

  • Coding Languages: Java, C, C#, C++, Python
  • Game/VR Engines: Unity, Unreal, Spoke (Mozilla Hubs)

Other Related Skills

  • Coding Languages: MATLAB, R, SAS, Assembly, HTML, JavaScript
  • Visual Computing and Computer Software: VR/AR, OS161, Git, Linux, OpenGL, FLTK
  • Photo/Video Editing: Premiere, Photoshop, Corel Video Studio, Pixlr, Photopea, iMovie
  • Business and Management: Global Environment of Business, Principles of Management, Negotiations